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Welcome to Traded Policies Fund

The Traded Policies Fund is a specialist investment fund that allows investors to participate in the excellent returns achievable from investing in a portfolio of Traded Life Policies ("TLPs").

Traded Life Policies (or Life Settlements) are United States-issued, whole-of-life assurance policies sold before the maturity date to allow the original owner to enjoy some of the benefits during their lifetime. The transaction by which an existing life insurance policy is sold to third parties is known as a life settlement and traded settlement. The life assured is almost invariably 65 or over while life expectancy can be estimated using population mortality statistics and evidence of the assured’s health.

Holders of life policies might wish to sell before maturity for a number of reasons. It may be that they no longer wish to pay the premiums, or they might need the cash for other purposes.

Managing Partners Limited (MPL) applies its shrewd and rigorous investment process in order to target steady, incremental annual returns of between 8-10% after charges year in, year out. MPL manages the Fund so that investment risk is managed to ensure that high potential growth is achievable.